Enter Dark Age Scotland--a mysterious, dangerous & exciting
4 cards! Ms. Heckart has written an
entertaining tale that combines
both history and fantasy in a way
that will enchant the reader.
Definitely put this one in your “I’m
gonna read it next” pile!
Reviewed by
Rie McGaha of Book Reviews by Rie
Blurb from Cat's Curse:
drinker. For centuries she has lived with hate hunting and feeding off humans.
Now she finds herself at the end of a sword blade held by the most handsome and
arrogant man she has ever met.  

Aedan mac Gabrain, prince of Dal Riata and a Christian, trusts no one after
suffering a curse that keeps him from touching any females or he will turn into a
black cat like his brother. He especially distrusts this strange female who could be
the one who cursed his clan since no one knows Cat Anna's true face.

Can two tortured souls find love while battling a dark goddess determined to
destroy them?
Booking It grade B--I ended up
loving this book.  I cannot wait for
Reviewed by Katie at BookingIt
Excerpt from Cat's Curse:

The man started at her sudden words, turning toward her with the sword blade
stopping just before the blade cut into Cardea's neck, the coldness of the iron
striking a shudder in her. That was the second time in one night she almost lost
her head to his sword blade.

“Why are ye following me?” Irritation filled his voice.

“You look like you need some help starting that fire.”

“I do not need yer help.” He stared at her. His brows knitted together, his eyes
scrutinizing her. “A good Christian lass would not be out here all alone in the
forest at night,” he remarked with a sneer.

Cardea’s mocking laughter filled the air.

“Do I amuse ye?” He peered at her, eyes narrowed in annoyance.

She found her courage again. “You presume much of me, but what about you? I
can only imagine what dreadful act you committed to be banished into these dark-
winged woods. Though I can assume your misdeeds had nothing to do with fire,”
she smirked, crossing her arms and planting her feet firm to the ground.

“Ye lass, are a rude minion of the Devil himself.” His handsome face rippled with

“That I may be indeed.” She stared hard at him. His ranting recalled images of the
hated Levite priests. A shudder tore through her body and rage fumed inside of
her, threatening to rise. She flirted with the temptation to rip his neck open and
drink him dry. No one would find his rotting corpse out this far in the forest. The
beasts would clean the bones of all flesh. She did not understand why she held
back, but her hesitation had something to do with the odd way this man stirred her

He turned around and strode with great arrogance back to his fire pit, striking the
blade with the flint rock in angry thrusts. After watching him for a few moments,
she approached him.

“Do ye have more insults for me?”

“No. I just cannot stand to watch you make a mockery of fire starting.”

“I can start the fire,” he insisted, turning back to the fire pit.

She watched him struggle again with the stone and blade, trying not to laugh.
“Please, allow me to assist you. It is much too cold tonight to be without a warm
fire.” She did not understand why she felt compelled to help him and reached for
the dagger she carried on her belt. His cold blade touched her throat before she
could blink. Three times now his blade touched her throat and she wondered if it
were a portent. “I need my dagger to start your fire.”

He eyed her with suspicion, but withdrew his blade from her throat.

“Ye live alone?” he asked, giving her room to start the fire, but he did not sheath
his sword.

“Yes.” She noticed how he bit back a derisive retort.

Cardea held the stone with the sharp edge facing the blade and struck the blade in
one swift movement. A spark shot out and the dry peat began to smolder. She
struck the blade one more time and a flame rose from the peat, sending out

“You have to strike the blade in one swift movement with the stone to create a
spark. Rubbing it like you were doing only wears the stone down. And it is best to
strike the blade with the sharpest edge of the stone.”

“I have a capable pair of eyes. I saw how ye did it.” The bitter tone of his voice
revealed his irritation toward her.

“I did not intend to offend you.”

“Good night to ye.” He waited for her to leave the fire before sheathing his sword.
Keeping his eyes on her, he stoked the flames.

She stepped toward him and he jumped up, moving away from her. “Do not touch
me.” His eyes turned an angry shade of dark blue and an aura of torment
surrounded him. “I wish to be left alone.”

Cardea bristled at his surliness, thinking him to be the most arrogant man she'd
ever met. “I will take my leave of you now, but you are in my territory so I imagine
we will see one another again whether you approve of it or not.” Fuming, she
stomped away before he could respond to her announcement. She had even lost
the desire to drink his blood. His behavior puzzled her for no man could resist her
legendary beauty and charms, but she had noticed a small glimmer of desire in his
eyes, leaving her awash in bittersweet feelings.

She wondered why she could not touch him and why he was filled with so much
torment and rage. Such a man excited her because of the mystery shrouding his
spirit. For once in her long life, she stayed away from a choice bite. Cardea crept
through the forest, hunting, but could not take her mind off of the strange,
handsome man.
Copyright 2006 by Kelley Heckart
stuff – the aftermath of Rome’s
occupation of Britain, and the
growing influence of Christianity vs.
the old pagan ways and gods. I love
epic historical/high fantasy. Fae,
Celt, vampire, curses – all rolled
into one book. You truly are
transported to a magical time and
place…it’s a wonderful escape
book for anyone wanting to get
away from it all and I would
definitely recommend it.
Reviewed by Heather from The Long and the
Short of It
4 Cups! Cat’s Curse is a wonderful
story full of spells, trust, betrayal,
and for the two, unconditional love.
I love how the subplots built up the
main story. Every character is
developed. The dialogue and
action keeps the book fast
paced…The action blends into the
story and love scenes are
sensuous instead of graphic, along
with being very compelling. This
well thought out story is a very
easy to recommend historical. I
look forward to more of this trilogy.
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More
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Kelley Heckart is a multi-talented
anything is possible. She brings
her book to life and lets our
imaginations soar!
Rated 4 Delightful Divas by Deb!
Score: 4.50-Reviewer Top Pick! This
amazing story is very refreshing in the
current romance genre. The storyline had
a bunch of twists and turns that kept my
attention and intrigued me with
anticipation. I so wanted to know the
outcome of this unlikely romance. Many
interesting characters and love triangles
make for a refreshing story that is not as
neatly tied up as most romance novels of
today, but has managed to make me a fan
of the author's style. I am eagerly looking
forward to reading the next book
(Beltaine's Song), Book Two in the Dark
Goddess Trilogy, as I have become
addicted to the strength, courage and
real human facets of the characters in
this saga.
Reviewed by: Lydia Ferrari at NIght Owl Reviews
Cat's Curse ordering info, excerpt,
reviews and interviews
Cardea is an exceedingly winsome
heroine. The reader can see her strength
and development. I am excited to read
the next book.
Rated 3 ½ Tombstones
by CeCe at Bitten By Books
3.5 Stars! This was a remarkable book to
read. It has all the earmarks of an
enduring romance: suspense, danger,
misunderstandings, true love and great
sex. At the same time, it also has the
elements of a wonderful fantasy story.
The author’s detailed descriptions in the
created, a fascinating escape from the
day to day drudgery of our lives. I’m
looking forward to the next book of this
wonderful trilogy.
Reviewed by Kris Plausky at ecataromance
5 Hearts! Amazing book Kelly. This book
drew me in from the first page and held
me right to the very end. For readers,
this book is full of thrills and excitement
that will have you staying up more than a
few late nights. I love how the fantasy
and historical aspects of this book
combined so well together
complimenting each other perfectly. A
very enjoyable book and I really hope
there is a sequel.

Reviewed By- Lady Victoria-
5 stars! 'Heckart weaves in actual history
about the warlord Aedan mac Gabrain
and the clash between the old Goddess
religion and the new Christ religion. The
storyline is engaging enough to keep me
turning the pages to find out the
answers to the mysteries.'
Reviewed by Jane Li
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