Welcome to Kel's Cool Crosses. My Crosses are handmade from driftwood.  I use crystals,
stones, feathers and leather strips to decorate my Crosses. I also burn in Rune symbols or
Neolithlic symbols or Native American symbols, depending on the style I am designing. Each
Cross is unique and ready to hang on the wall.
The following are comments from customers that have purchased one of my Crosses:

"I love the Cross! Thank you!"

"Kel, these are simply gorgeous. Wonderful energy-thank you so much."

"Super Crosses! Real quality Artist! I will be back!"

"Love the cross! I appreciate it's meaning & uniqueness because of my Native American

My crosses can be found on eBay My eBay page
Crosses were around long before Christianity as the most
cherished of religious symbols.  It is believed that the ancient
Cross symbolized the earth's four directions and the divine

Spaniards saw Indians worshipping the Cross.  The Peruvians and
Babylonians had the Maltese Cross.  The druids were believed to
have made their Cross out of a stem and two branches of the oak
tree.  Buddhist Crosses are common throughout the East.  The
Thor's hammer Cross is a well-known Pre-Christian Cross and
several deities of ancient Egypt hold a Cross in their hands.  
Wheeled Crosses are seen on some Pre-Christian stones,
possibly as symbols of solar worship.       

Ireland is known for its many ancient Crosses.  Pre-Christian
Crosses have been identified at Dowth and New Grange on the
Boyne, Knockmany of Tyrone, Deer Park of Fermanagh, Cloverhill
of Sligo and Slieve-ha-Calliagh near Lough Crew of Meath.  The
ancient faery people of Ireland, the Tuath-de-Danann, had
Crosses that were adorned with snakes, birds and other animals.  

In the Scottish Highlands, the Fiery Cross, when dipped in goat's
blood and flaming, was a message of alarm among the wild tribes.  
A serpentine figure was often twisted around the Fiery Cross.  

The Cross is still a very powerful symbol of faith all over the
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sales tax.  My price scale is based on sizes:
3"-6" are $8.00, 7"-10" are $15.00, 11"-14" are
$20.00 and 15"-18" are $25.00.  I accept payment
through Paypal and checks or money orders.  
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The following are examples of
crosses that can be found on
eBay. Click here:
My eBay page
Close up picture of the Black Wolf Head Cross with
Rose Quartz and Garnets
Black Wolf Head Cross with Rose
Quartz and Garnets
Goddess Cross with Carnelians
Close up picture of the Goddess Cross with Carnelians
Close up picture of Turquoise
Southwest Cross
Large Rune Amethyst Cross
Turquoise Southwest Cross
Small Moonstone/Garnet Cross
White Wolf Head Clear Quartz Crystal
S.W. Moonstone/Turquoise Cross
Green Southwest Cross with
Close up of Green Southwest
Cross with Carnelians
Close up of Green Southwest
Cross with Carnelians
Abalone and Moonstone Crescent Moon Cross
Southwest Moonstone Cross
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Southwest Bear Fetish Cross
Moonstone & Carnelian Goddess Cross
Moonstone & Crystal Point Goddess Cross
Carnelian & Crystal Point Goddess Cross