Above: We have some really dramatic
sunrises here in AZ in the fall. The cloud
formations in this photo are amazing.
Above: A fiery Havasu sunset.
Below: Me and fellow author, Lauren Royal, at the Pomona
Irish Fair, March 2008
Above: Newport Beach, CA
Below: Me & Hubby at Newport Beach, CA
Photo below: This is what we call a 'sister sandwich.' Check out
the upside down Christmas tree in the background. Trippy.
Above: Hubby at Newport Beach, CA
2006. I am
supposed to
be one of the
Tuatha de
Danaan, but
no one knows
who they are.
really see my
wings in this
pic. It looks like
I have a black
hump on my
This picture below was taken by me in the early 90's of my
rocker hubby, Michael, before we were married. He is the one
on the right. He doesn't have that gorgeous hair anymore,
but he is still hot to me. :)
Below is a pic of my band Driven Steel.
That's me on the left in my wild heavy
metal days. :)
This picture on the left was taken at
the famous Boothill grave yard in
background are the Dragoon Mtns. I
had a weird experience when I was
in this old grave yard. As I was
gazing at the valley below, a breeze
brushed my cheek, and I had the
sensation that time had slipped into
the past for just a moment.
This picture on the left was taken at sunrise
outside our hotel room in Tombstone,AZ.
This bird, singing from the high branches of
an Ocotillo, caught my attention.
It snowed in Lake Havasu City, AZ! A blanket of snow
covered the Mohave Mountains near the city in March.
Here are all three dogs--my motley crew.
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Above: Me and my kids.
Above: Me and my sister on Halloween
2009--stuck in the 80s
Me, my sister. Is that Bret Michaels? LOL
Above: Halloween 2009
Favorite Holiday Memory:
We don't have kids so my favorite holiday memory is Christmas
morning and watching my dogs get excited over the gifts they get in
their stockings. I know it sounds silly, but I always enjoy the special,
private Christmas we have at home after the hectic one my husband
and I attend with my family--my parents, siblings, nieces, etc. on
Christmas Eve.
Below is a picture of one of my dogs playing with her new toys--the
hotdog and the elf.
The Hualapi Mtns. in Kingman, AZ
The Hualapi Mtns. in Kingman, AZ
2012 Pictures
The Hualapi Mtns. in Kingman, AZ
Does this look like the face of a dog
that's been red flagged at the vet?
Hualapi Craft Fair
Threatening storm clouds in Lake
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