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As a writer, I have learned that no matter how skilled I am or how many times I read the
manuscript, I can't do final edits of my own work. Other writers have expressed the same
inability to distance themselves from their work in order to find all the errors. That's why it is so
important to have an editor look over the final manuscript.

I understand how difficult it can be to afford a good editor, so I have decided to make my
prices affordable without compromising quality.

Services offered

1. Copy editing: This combines proofreading (grammar, punctuation, typos, and spelling) with
some content edits like overused words, awkward sentences, and inconsistencies. One
round. I do a spell check, a thorough read through, and a quick review.
Pricing starts at .003
per word.

2. Content edits and copy editing: This is more extensive ed
iting for passive voice, point of
view, head-hopping, show vs. tell, tenses, overused word, awkward sentences, plot holes,
inconsistencies, pacing, plus grammar, punctuation, typos, and spelling. One round. I do a
spell check, a thorough read through, and a quick review.
Pricing starts at .005 per word.

3. Customized edit. If you want something different from the options listed above, let me know
what you want. I can work with you to give you your desired edit at an affordable price.

My pricing is based on the length of the manuscript and on how much time it will
take me to edit. If you would like to see what I can do to help you polish your story,
send me 10 pages for a free edit and quote to kelleyheckart@gmail.com. Once we
agree to work together, the first payment is due. (See Payment Options below.)

There may be an additional fee for rush jobs.

Questions are welcome during post edits.

*New Service*
Beta Reading: I will give you feedback on your story using comments in Track Changes in MS
Word. I will look at your opening chapter, your plot, look for plot holes and story
inconsistencies, give feedback on your characters, dialogue, your ending, and anything that
jumps out at me that might need a second look. If I notice any punctuation or grammatical
errors, I will flag them, but this is not an edit. Price is .002 per word.

Payment options

I accept payment by Paypal (zorthon2004@yahoo.com). I require half the payment up front,
final payment due upon completion of edits. Send inquiries and manuscripts to
DOCX, DOC or RTF files only: double-spaced, indented, 12-point font.

My Process

I will not rewrite your manuscript or trample on your "‘voice." I work with you to polish your
story. Using track changes in MS Word, I will offer suggestions for you to accept or reject. I
use the current Chicago Manual of Style as my reference.

My Experience

I am a multi-published author and started editing for a small press publisher in 2010.
Plus, I am detail-oriented and have a talent for finding obscure errors. One of my authors
nicknamed me Eagle Eyes.
enjoy helping writers polish their stories and will edit just about any genre of fiction, including
erotica or gay romance. My main experience is in paranormal/fantasy romance and settings
in ancient Greece, Roman Britain
, and Dark Age Scotland.

Customer Endorsements

"There's nothing like having a trustworthy proofreader like Kelley. When I asked her for her
help with my novella, she worked with the PDF copy I sent her and she made some good
suggestions and corrections. She is not only proficient in proofing for spelling and
punctuation, she is also pretty fast in getting your file back to you. If you are on a limited
budget and need a fresh set of eyes to go over your writing, I recommend the very affordable
Kelley Heckart for proofreading services." E.V. Medina,
The Priestess and the Ravenknight

"I highly recommend Kelley Heckart -- she is an excellent, perceptive, and insightful editor who
will help you polish your manuscript until it shines." Nina Lane-USA Today bestselling author
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“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Kelley as my copy editor. She is professional,
knowledgeable, and efficient. Her prices were also very affordable. Her keen eyes helped
polish up my manuscript and her enthusiasm really shone through. I highly recommend her
and can’t wait to work with her again!"

~ Rachael Slate

"Kelley is an amazing copy editor who has a unique talent for weeding out overused words,
catching misspellings, and fixing my misguided attempts at using commas. Her attention to
detail and gentle suggestions help make my manuscripts shine. Always professional and on
time, Kelley is an absolute joy to work with. If you’re in need of copy edit services, you’ll be
glad you chose her!"

Award-winning author Rosalie Redd.
Marked by Love
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