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The Bear Goddess
Greek myths/
Cover designed by Louca
Callisto, daughter of the great Arcadian King Lycaon
and the nymph Maia, has studied all her life to attain
the high position of Bear Goddess among the nymphs
of Artemis, taking a sacred vow of purity. But when
she meets a mysterious man, her life changes forever.

Kasin is a prince among the fierce centaurs and one of
few who can take human shape. A follower of Zeus, he
is mystified to save a nymph’s life and even worse, to
fall in love with an enemy of the centaurs. He is torn
between his duty to his people and his love for

When the nymphs capture Kasin for their next
sacrifice, Callisto cannot allow him to die, but before
she can help him escape, they are caught together
and their secret connection exposed. Surrounded by
armed guards, they manage a daring escape. On the
run from the nymphs, danger and betrayal follow Kasin
and Callisto. To survive, they must evade a god
obsessed with having Callisto for himself as well as
others who also want to keep them apart. Will their
love for each other be enough to save them?
Forbidden love… Broken vows… Betrayal…

In a flashing blur of altering limbs, Kasin stood before
her, naked from the waist down in his human shape.
He pulled on the rest of his clothes.

She held out her bound hands so he could free them.
He studied the chain for a moment, searching for the
clasp. “Hmm.” He unbound her hands, inspecting the
silver chain. “I have never seen anything like it.”

She frowned. “I am grateful for that,” she said,
watching him in wide-eyed wonder.

Raising one eyebrow, he asked, “Why are you giving
me that questioning look?”

She raised both of her eyebrows. “When were you
going to tell me you are a centaur?”

He crossed his arms over his wide chest. “Never.”

Tightening the blanket around her shoulders, she
gave him a hard look. “I do not think I heard you
correctly because it sounded like you said you were
not planning to tell me your true nature.”

“I knew you would be displeased. You speak so
harshly of my people,” he said in a defensive tone.

“And I have good reason to speak thus of your
people.” Even if he was different, there were too many
stories about the savagery of the centaurs for them all
not to be true.

He unfolded his arms. Looking weary, he grasped her
shoulders. “I do not want to have a battle with you
now. We should rest. Tomorrow we must start before

“Where are we going to go? I have no clothes.” She
looked down at the blanket covering her naked body.
All she had was her moonstone choker, the only item
that remained on her when she shapechanged into

“Yes.” He rubbed the dark stubble on his chin. “I
cannot bring you unclothed into a village full of lusty

She glared at him for his arrogant assumption that she
would want to go to a centaur village, but she held her
tongue, realizing he was only trying to save her life.
And she had no desire to start another argument. The
events of the night began to weigh on her. She
suppressed a yawn.

He pulled off his tunic and then took the blanket from
her shoulders. Gently, he dressed her in his tunic.
His baggy tunic hung just below her knees. The short
sleeves of his tunic reached to her forearms.

Accustomed to her clothing that hugged and flattered
her female curves, she wrinkled her brow in
disapproval. She stared at him, at his taller, more
muscular body that made her seem small even though
she was considered tall for a female. “It looks like a
lumpy grain sack.”

Tearing a long strip from the blanket, he said, “I am not
finished, love.” He fastened the belt around her waist.

His expression of affection left her with a tender
sensation beneath her breast. She watched him, her
lips forming a pensive smile, enjoying the feel of his
hands lightly brushing her as he dressed her and, at
the same time, troubled about their dangerous
situation. She couldn’t fully comprehend what had
happened yet or the consequences of being
discovered breaking her vow and then running off
with a centaur. This night seemed like a strange dream
to her. She wanted to pinch herself to see if she would
wake up.
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“4 stars! I have only said this a few
times, but I must repeat it again, so
here goes..
This is one of the most unique
books, as far as characters go, that
I've read to date. Callisto is a
shape shifting nymph who has
given herself to Artemis, meaning
she will never be with a man.
Kasin is shape shifting half
witch/half Centaur. His forms are
only human and centaur.”
Review by LT at Vampires, Werewolves &
I greatly admire Ms. Heckert’s and
the way she weaves it into her
fictional world along with the
paranormal. Her characters are
deeply drawn and engaging, and
the plots are fast-paced and draw
the reader in on page one.

Reviewed by Rochelle Weber,
Roses & Thorns Reviews