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Latest News: All five books in my Shadow-walkers series are available now on in Trade Paperback and Kindle! Click here on
Bookshelf or on the
navigator bar to the left for direct buy links, to read an excerpt, and to listen to the
music of Hecate's Fury, the band portrayed in my new paranormal rock star
Shadow-walkers series. All are standalone stories. Of course, it's best to read them
in order to experience the full essence of the series.

Awakening, SW 1
Sometimes, the end is really the beginning.
Author Kaitlyn Storm, a disgraced former rock star, is given another chance when
her book series is turned into three movies. When she is trapped in a haunted cabin
with Kane Devlin, the hot Scottish actor playing her hero, their passion for one
another ignites. What they awakened will change their lives, but before she can
move on and claim her shared destiny, she must let go of her troubled past. For she
may not know it yet, but she and her bandmates are chosen.

Awakening the Wolf (SW 2) is available now on Amazon. Dare to be captivated by
this thrilling, suspenseful, and passionate werewolf romance.

Awakening the Vampire (SW 3) is available now on Amazon. She protects
supernaturals. He hunts them. This thrilling supernatural murder mystery and
romance will capture your soul.

Awakening the Fae (SW 4) is now available on Amazon. Time can't separate them,
but fate can. This exciting paranormal time travel romance will keep you turning the

Awakening the Dragon (SW 5) is now available on Amazon. She barely escaped his
blade once, but not his passion. This fiery romance with twists and thrills will keep
you on the edge of your seat.

Upcoming releases:
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Writing update:
Well, my writing took another turn. What I had planned has been put aside for a
different series, which is based on my time as a rock and roll bassist. I finally found
inspiration from my past, and I added a paranormal element to create a romance
series featuring five young women in a controversial hard rock band who have
supernatural powers. The first book in my Shadow-walkers series, Awakening, is
available now on Amazon. Click on "Bookshelf" for details. I'm really excited about
this series because it's true to my heart. Plus, there will be music to go along with
this book series. Yep, I'm writing and recording songs again with my husband. The
first four books in my Shadow-walkers series are available now on Amazon.

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Free Reads in PDF: My 2 short stories, Birds of Calm &
Song to the Siren are now available for free download on my
website home page & Book Shelf page.

Short, sweet Christmas-themed story: A Winter Solstice Kiss.
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Mine is Elrond, the elven king from Lord of the Rings. How funny is that?
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